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    Inflatable dolls are a fancy masturbation device.

    There are only two things that really matter in an inflatable sex doll: (1) does the doll stay inflated and (2) is there a comfortale hole. After that, everything else is optional. It may enhance the experience or provide alternative sex act choices, but it isn’t essential for masturbation.

    I’ve found that if the hole is comfortable, the doll is pleasant to use. Everything else is secondary. To get caught up in the doll not being human enough kind of misses the point. Of course the dolls aren’t very human. The important question is: “Is the hole comfortable?” Many dolls have holes that are more comfortable than the standard hand job.

    “For years I have been wondering if I was alone. Of course, I knew I was not, but still it was hard. First of all having sex with a doll is not something everyone is into. … I have a wonderful girlfriend who I have a great time with. But for as long as I can remember love dolls have given me the most intense orgasms ever.” —Mo; E-Mail; June 28, 1999

    “Please let me know I am not the only one who thinks these things are the greatest inventions since the printing press.” —

classes of dolls

    We can divide all sex dolls into five broad categories (from least expensive to most expensive):

  1. Cheap
  2. Standard
  3. Deluxe
  4. Latex
  5. Molded
Cheap Dolls
    Cheap dolls are stripped down to just parts sewn together from plastic. Instead of a plastic face mask, the face is painted directly on the head. Instead of molded tits, these dolls have little bumps (usually with painted nipples) that are made from the same plastic as the rest of the body. Cheap dolls are available in a variety of races and have a variety of eye and hair colors painted onto their heads. Cheap dolls often have clothing or a costume painted directly onto their bodies. Cheap dolls are in the classic “fuck me” doll position: body straight, legs straight and slightly spread, arms bent forward in a hug.

Standard Dolls
    Standard dolls have a plastic face mask with the classic “fuck me” doll open mouth and two little tufts of hair (usually tied into pigtails with a ribbon) on the top of the plastic face mask. The rest of the hair is a solid color painted directly onto the head. Standard dolls have small molded platic titties, with painted nipples. One or more of the holes may have pink colored vinyl. The pussy hole may be surrounded by a painted bush. Standard dolls come in a variety of races, eye colors, and hair colors. More expensive standard dolls may be packaged with costumes, flavored lubricants, and other “goodies”. Standard dolls come in four basic positions:

Deluxe Dolls
    Deluxe dolls are like the standard dolls, except they have additional features (other than costumes, lubricants, or similar external extras). Deluxe dolls range from those with only one or two additional features to fancy ones with bunches of additional features. Common additional features include: extra thick skin, special softer skin, mannequin head (with a full head of hair and sometimes moving eyes), mouth vibrators or pumps, large and/or water filled tits, molded latex vagina and/or ass, vaginal/anal vibrators or pumps (note: some standard dolls have “vibrating” anus or pussy, which actually consists of sticking an ordinary vibrator into the unused hole), molded hands and fingers, molded feet and toes, “talking” options (either an echo device or a speaker plugged into an external sound source), moveable arms and/or legs, or other special features. Deluxe dolls have the same choice of positions as standard dolls (supine, bending, kneeling, sitting).

Latex Dolls
    Latex dolls are much more durable and long lasting than regular plastic dolls. Latex dolls are somewhat balloon like, with more realistic shape and no seams. Most guys like latex dolls better than ordinary plastic dolls, but some guys don’t like them at all. Usually these dolls have a mannequin head, shaped feet and hands with individual toes and fingers, shaped bodies, shaped vagina and/or anus. Most latex dolls are supine (the classic “fuck me” on the back doll position). Latex dolls bend into different positions easier than do ordinary plastic dolls (but don’t hold those positions when released).

Solid/Molded Dolls
    Molded dolls are solid body dolls that aren’t inflated. The two basic kinds of solid dolls are foamies (filled with foam) and silicon dolls (made with an internal metal skeleton and filled with silicion, including a silicion surface). Usually these dolls have a mannequin head, molded feet and hands, molded bodies, molded vagina and/or anus. These dolls range in quality from comparable to the best deluxe dolls to the nearly $6,000 Real Doll. Most of these dolls are made in Japan, although some are also made in Germany. Low end molded dolls are supine (the classic “fuck me” on the back doll position). More expensive molded dolls can be bent into a variety of positions.

    The major difference between standard and deluxe dolls is the extra features. Typically (not always), the extra features are added to a doll that is otherwise a standard doll. You should only upgrade from a standard doll to a deluxe doll if the particular extra feature(s) matters to you.

    “As the dolls become more expensive, you get more features. For example Rayvenes sells for $259 and has almost every feature available: Realistic Vagina, Realistic anus, blowjob mouth, love grip hand, realistic face, etc. The Shari doll sells for only $24 but does not have any realistic features. In fact, her hair is painted. The more expensive dolls are more sturdy, hold more weight, and look and feel more realistic.” —Convergence Inc.: Love Doll FAQ

    Cheap dolls can be just as functional as standard or deluxe dolls. The biggest differences are that cheap dolls don’t last as long and don’t look as nice. If you go through a lot of dolls, you might want to consider cheap or standard dolls in order to save money. On the other hand, the difference in looks may be enough to ruin the experience.

doll lovers

    Many people think that the primary audiences for dolls are those who are unwilling or unable to find a human sex partner. This can range from married men traveling on the road who don’t want to cheat on their wives to those who fear AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases to those who are currently between girlfriends to the classic depcition of a horney young virgin who has never had a girlfriend. And that the secondary audience for dolls are those who want to enhance their personal masturbation experience, those who participate in couple or group masturbation, and those who want to experiment with unusual sexual activities (such as anal sex or bondage).

    Well, despite the image set by Hollywood, these are not the real audience for love dolls.

    In reality, dolls are a fetish item. The vast majority of doll users (both malke and female) are married and have a satisfactory sex life. In many cases, the dolls are used by the couple as a regular part of their active sex life.

    This is why there is such a variety of different dolls available — to meet the demands of a variety of different fetishes.

    For those with more mainstream interests, the various artificial vaginas and other masturbation devices might be preferable.

    “For years I have been wondering if I was alone. Of course, I knew I was not, but still it was hard. First of all having sex with a doll is not something everyone is into. Anyway that has now all changed. My name is Mo (real name). I am a 33 year old black male. I have a wonderful girlfriend who I have a great time with. But for as long as I can remember love dolls have given me the most intense orgasms ever. I have had plenty in my life. I have one now a $20.00 one that I have had for over a year now. I guess the purpose of this letter is to say thanks. Thanks for putting out such a work of art. Is there a club I could join there are so many things to talk about when it comes to these girls of air. Thanks again.” —Mo; E-Mail; June 28, 1999

    There is an inflatable doll club at Yahoo:

    “Naughty Kylie Never says No!” —The Kylie Kneeling Love Doll box cover

I’m the Smart Ass!
and I’m ready for you anytime you want me!
I have ways to satisfy like nobody’s business!

—The Smart Ass Love-Doll box cover

    “Exotic! I say Yes to Every Position!” —The Kylie Kneeling Love Doll box cover

    “Let me satisfy all your sexual dreams and desires.” —Jamie the Legend box cover

    “Great site! I am a married hetero but love dolls.” —Pete Striplin; E-Mail; June 6, 1999


    “Hi, I am a part time doll person who sometimes purchases one when I need one. Anyhow, I read your website once before and am now disapointed in all the companies who make dolls and I’ll tell you why. Before I came upon your review site I used to try and pick dolls according to what they said as far as features from the box or reccos from friends but I figured out they are all full of BS. The dolls look nothing like the outside of the box so it’s all really false advertising.” —Jeffrey P. Gargiulo; e-mail; April 30, 2002

    Most inflatable dolls are designed to allow “missionary position” masturbation. With a stand-alone artificial vaginas or pumps or other devices, you have to hold the device in your hands. An inflatable doll provides a “stand” for the artificial vagina, as well as the general shape and feel of a woman’s body.

    Choosing the right inflatable doll can lead to an enhanced masturbation experience. Believing some of the hyperbole on doll boxes can lead to extreme disappointment. No inflatable doll is “life-like” or “realistic” (with the possible exception of the Real Doll and similar high end dolls).

    “Special Life-Like Doll” —Miss World Special box cover

    “An amazingly life-like companion.” —Doc Johnson Hot Pussy Sex Machine box cover

    “Just look at my Real-Life™ Vibrating Pussy and Anus; They’re shockingly real! You won’t believe the sensations!” —The Smart Ass Love-Doll box cover

    “Her realistic likeness will ignite your lusts and desires when you watch the video and experience the pleasurable feeling from the velvetskin entries-of-love. Waves of climatic releases can be felt.” —Velvet Love Doll box cover

    “I want one with a real looking face and fingers and toes and real looking and feeling breasts. Do you know of anything like that?” —Ralph Tobias; E-Mail; May 10, 1999

    Several of the porno dolls have faces molded from the actress. Also several other of the more expensive dolls have realistic looking faces. The Rayvenes and Chasey Lane dolls have breasts (and vagina and anus) molded from the actress. The Bra Buster and Aphrodite dolls have water filled breasts. The Chasey Lane and the Perfect 10 dolls have realistic molded hands and feets (with individual fingers and toes).

    Most standard and deluxe dolls have cartoonish faces, tits, and vaginal area, somewhat reminescent of Japanese anime.


    The number one problem with dolls is that they don’t last very long. The best ones last a month or two, and the cheap ones last a day or two. Latex and solid dolls can last for years with proper care.

    The two basic kinds of failure are: (1) slow leak and (2) popping. Generally leaks and pops occur on the seams of doll. Leaks usually occur in seams that get stress, such as the seams of the vagina or anus.

    You can locate a slow leak by filling a bath tub full of water and immersing an inflated doll. The air bubbles will show you the location of the leak. You can patch the leak, but if the leak is in a vaginal or anal seam, the rough edges of the patch will render the hole useless.

    You can extend the life of your doll by making sure that you never over-inflate. You can also avoid any positions that put any doll parts or the doll body under pressure, such as the classic “missionary” guy-laying-on-top of the doll position. The “missionary” position is one of the more fun positions, as the doll will have a nice bounce and the position is relaxing, but using the “missionary” position will definitely decrease the lifetime of your doll.

    “I was about to finish the first encounter with a merry big bang, [but] she preceded me, and burst open at her stomach seam.” —ExplorerGuy; E-Mail; April 13, 2001

    This is why you shouldn’t lay on top of the inexpensive dolls — they can’t hold the weight. Don’t put your body weight on cheap dolls, only the more expensive thick vinyl plastic, latex, or solid dolls can support the weight of an adult.

    “I only had her for about two weeks and she popped on me by fucking her in the pussy and I was using lubes and everything. Next time I suggest using stronger material so she won’t pop.” —RWALTNER69; E-Mail; October 29, 1999


    The vaginal opening of cheap dolls are often poorly made, with sharp edges at the opening of the sex holes that make the masturbation experience painful, and can rub your penis raw or even cut it open. Sometimes standard dolls have one or more painful holes. It is rare for a deluxe doll to have any painful holes.

    All you need for a doll to be useful is for any one of its holes to be comfortable. More comfortable holes increase your options for choice in sexual activities.

    Cheap and standard dolls have a simple vaginal opening and sleeve. Standard dolls might have pink vinyl pussy and/or anal sleeves and/or a painted bush. Some deluxe dolls have latex artificial vaginas, with inner and outer lips, clit, clit hood, and pussy mound, (some with battery powered vibrators) mounted into the doll. The very best stand-alone artificial vaginas are still better than the best doll-based artificial vaginas, but not by much.

    On cheap and standard (and some deluxe) dolls, the anal sleeve is a duplicate of the vaginal sleeve. You just turn the doll over. Sometimes the pussy sleeve will be pink vinyl and the anal sleeve will be the same color as the rest of the body. Some deluxe dolls have a latex anus.

    In some deluxe dolls, the molded latex pussy and anus both share the same tube. Usually molded latex pussies and assholes have textured sleeves with little bumps. Some deluxe dolls have vibrating pussies or anuses.

    Some dolls have water filled vaginas. The inner wall of the vaginal sleeve is the same as on cheap and standard dolls (sometimes colored pink), but there is a second inner wall and a plug in the lower back. You can fill up the surrounding sleeve with water. This allows you to adjust the pressure of the inner sleeve without over-inflating the doll, maximizing personal pleasure.


    Supine: Almost all dolls have the general shape of a woman supine on her back, body straight with her legs straight and slightly spread and her arms bent forward in an imitation of a hug, the classic “fuck me” doll position. This form factor is fine if you intend to lay on top of your doll and fuck her pussy “missionary style” or turn her over and fuck her ass. There is not enough bend in a doll’s legs to allow for “doggie style” fucking or any other sexual position.

    Bending (doggie-style): Some dolls are “bendable”. This means they are already in the shape for “doggie style” fucking, with legs bent forward at the hips and backwards at the knees, arms cocked forward at the shoulder and raised at the elbows, and ass in the air doggie style. The head is sometimes facing straight and sometimes turned to the side. Depending on the exact shape, it may be possible to gently spread a bendable doll’s legs and fuck her “missionary style”. Depending on the exact shape, it is often possible to fuck her from a seated position.

    Kneeling: The kneeling submissive position: body straight, legs straight at hips and bent backwards at the knees (kneeling), arms raised over the head with wrists crossed. This is a bondage position.

    Sitting: The seated position: body seated, legs bent forward with ankles crossed in seated position, arms either over the head with wrists crossed (bondage position) or bent forward in classic “fuck me” doll position.

    There are also a few special position dolls molded into other shapes: seated, kneeling, bondage, etc.

    There are also some dolls that have legs and arms that can be moved. The arms and legs are blown up separately from the rest of the doll and pivot on a joint at the shoulders and hips. The pivoting arms look fine, but the pivoting legs ruin the look and feel of the doll’s hip area. Also, the pivotable arms and legs will not hold a position, so you can’t really use them “doggie style”, although “missionary position” works fine and you can pivot the doll’s legs up to allow easy access to her vagina or anus while seated on the couch watching television.

    The plastic mouth opening of most standard dolls looks nice, but usually has a sharp edge on the inside edge of the doll’s lips that makes oral sex painful or impossible. There are some deluxe dolls that are good for oral sex, although none are as good as stand-alone oral sex devices. A good mouth opening can make it possible to masturbate while seated on a couch watching television (including your favorite sex videos).


    “Talking” dolls have a speaker inside a pouch in the head of the doll. Some “talking” dolls have a simple echo device, which repeats back a really bad version of whatever you say near the doll’s head. Other “talking” dolls have a speaker and a short cable. You plug the cable into a tape player, VCR machine, or other playback device. Some of these dolls come with their own video or audio tape. There are also several companies that specialize in selling audio tapes of actresses acting out various sexual fantasies. If you have a Macintosh, you can open your favorite downloaded sex stories (or write your own script) and have PlainTalk convert the text to synthesized speech.


    The tits on standard dolls are usually just for looks, formed from hard plastic. Cheap dolls will have a slight bump and painted nipples. Some of the deluxe dolls have tits that are soft enough for sucking and massage, and some can even be used for tittie fucking.

hands and feet

    Most dolls have mitten-like hands and toe-less feet. Some deluxe dolls have molded hands and feet, allowing for finger sucking, toe sucking, and foot fetishes.

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    So, those are my favorite dolls and doll parts. I would like to figure out a dependable adhesive for combining the best parts of various dolls to create a deluxe doll. Still searching for an adhesive that works on plastic and vinyl, that is flexible and soft, that is airtight, and that is strong enough to hold under heavy boinking. If anyone finds an adhesive that works, please let me know (label your message “DOLL” so that it will stand out from all the SPAM).

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