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    A review of the CyberChic Sex Doll. A fantasy sex doll review on the unofficial, unauthorized love doll lover’s web site.

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CyberChic Sex Doll
U.S. $59.00
U.S. $67.95 69 Adult Toys
U.S. $68.95 Discreet Online Shopping
U.S. $78.95 SafeSexMall
deluxe 3 holes $59-85
supine white skin blonde hair
ugly face mask
blow job

    Category: inflatable female love doll

    There are four different versions of the CyberChic Sex Doll: uncolored vagina, vibrating beige colored vagina, cinnamon colored vagina, and cyberskin mouth.

    This doll is based on Raylene, the porn starlet, and can be used in fantasy sex play while watching her porn videos.

    “Blow up love doll with insertable vagina and anus made from cyberskin. (cyberskin is a revolutionary new super soft realistic material). She also has an open mouth, long hair, and realistic breasts. The cyberskin sleeve can also be used as a masturbator separate from the doll.” —Convergence Inc: CyberChic Sex Doll

    “Raylene is your virtual reality Cyber Chic life size inflatable sex doll with dual purpose cyberskin masturbation sleeve! Her full pretty face with custom design ‘deep throat’ for oral satisfaction. Plunge you hard cock into the Cyberskin pussy and ass.” —Discreet Online Shopping

    “The cyberskin love doll is made of vinyl rubber and has special rubber molded breasts. The cyberskin vagina and anus are attached by a 9 inch tube. (In other words, if you penetrate the vagina far enough, you come out the anus!) The vagina can be taken out and used separately from the doll if you want. The cyberskin vagina and anus are made from a new super soft realistic material that is not like rubber. You have to try it to understand.” —

    “The mouth is open and you can see it has room so that you could actually go through the head if your cock is that large. Also the cyberskin blowjob mouth has room to fit in that large mouth opening.” —

    “Item# TS205 — Cyberskin Cyber Chic Doll DUAL ENTRY: Use the Cyberskin soft supple lips or anus to envelop your shaft as the tight inner walls snugly caress your penis. VIRTUAL TOUCH: Texture complete with full vaginal detail — feels like a real pussy and anus. OPEN END DESIGN: Allows for increased stimulation at the head of the penis as you thrust in and out. Heavy gauge vinyl doll inflates to life size. Full pretty face with custom design and deep throat for oral satisfaction. Raylene has soft, red-brown sexy hair and exciting curvaceous breasts.” —SafeSexMall

    “The ultimate love doll for virtual touch sex, experience in sexual pleasure and stimulation. Masturbation sleeve fits in doll — feels like a real pussy and ass. Fits comfortably in your hand as a dual entry masturbation sleeve. Includes Dual Purpose CYBERSKIN masturbation sleeve.” —69 Adult Toys

Cyberskin Cyber Chic Doll copyright © 69 Adult Toys. Used by permission.

    Vibrations: none

Clothing sizes:

        Color: Caucasian-beige

        Material: vinyl with Cyberskin™ vagina and anus

    Batteries Required: none

    Manufacturer: TLC/Topco product #TO0205-7

feedback comments

    “I love it. The doll is pretty. Well, that I bought and send me the store. The face isn’t freaky, really is nice. The hair is pretty. At first time was difficult to blow in the mouth, was a bit small, but next with body heat oil (cinnamon) included delivery it was too much better.
    “So, the Cyberpussy is really good, feels good, I enjoy it. The texture inner feels so good. Terrific!!!
    “I used for a month, but when I get enthusiastic it, I exceed inflate and got a groove. So, right now I’m looking for help to get repair kit. If somebody knows please send me the address , please, I appreciate.” —fandoll; e-mail; Apr 26, 2003

    “As you may know there are various toys on the market which are made (partly) of the so called ‘Cyberskin’.
    “While the material feels great I must admit the doll was a bit of a disappointment. I own the Cyberskin ‘Cyberpussy’ which feels awesome! The texture on the innerside of the pussy (this is ‘bigger’ then a ordinary sleeve) feels so good when lube’d well, try it an enjoy it! But anyway, the doll:
    “The doll is packaged in a mid-size box with a see-thru part which shows the pussy and anus of the insert sleeve. There is also a small part open so new buyers can ‘feel’ the material on a small sample of the cyberskin material. Ok, open up the box and what do You get? It’s a ‘full-size’ doll—at least this is what the package says—well, you get a doll which was in my case a ‘head’ smaller.
    “The doll has mahony (dark red?) coloured hair with a frontal wig, the back of the head is just plain brown vinyl. It has a face mask which tends to deform quite fast. Face is nice though, with good features, the mouth is open and is made from a rubber like sleeve which extends to the back of the head (at the back of the head is the other open end). The mouth was a bit too small for me as I couldn’t insert my dick into it! No blowjobs so far.
    “Breasts are nice and firm and made from plain heavy vinyl, nothing special. Hands and feet are also simply made, just vaguely formed.
    “Now what should have been the best part: The pussy and anus sleeve. Well it’s not as good as the mentioned ‘Cyberpussy’, it looks nice from the outside. Well formed lips and nice detail, on a closer examination I discovered something like a ‘chamber’ just behind the lips/entry part. This is again sealed by something which the lucky few may have seen on virgins :-) A tight seal with a small hole. The same on the anus. I don’t know if this was done on purpose to create more friction on the shaft of the penis or???
    “So, the first fuck! I blew it up and took a good look, nice doll and good shape. Took a bunch of lube put it on the bed and inserted my dick, slowly I started to fuck the doll but hey! I didn’t feel anything special! This is the bad part: you can fuck it whatever you want but ‘coming’ is very difficult indeed, it was for me! As I said, this is completely due to the almost non-existing of any texture which makes it like fucking nothing.
    “It’s a nice doll, could have been better and if equipped with a better sleeve a terrific doll! Rating a 6 out of 10 (due to the bad texture on the sleeve).” —Doll Lover; E-Mail; November 6, 1999

    “This doll is crap. All body parts are no way near lifelike and face is freaky! The only cyberskin is the pussy/anus which is a straight combined hole which is very akward to say the least. Worth half the money.” —anonymous; e-mail; April 24, 2002

    NOTE: The hair color seems to have changed since dolllover purchased his copy of this doll.

pictures donated by Doll Lover:

CyberSkin doll face mask
the face mask
CyberSkin doll tits CyberSkin doll pussy sleeve from front
the tits the pussy sleeve in the doll
CyberSkin doll pussy sleeve CyberSkin doll ass
the front of the pussy the ass part of the sleeve

    “This doll was a disaster. At med-low price but still pricey I was better pleased by a standard feature doll. The head is basically deformed and is a real turnoff, one of the breasts did not inflate and the cyberskin pussy-ass was so anatomaly incorrect, things were difficult. It lays too flat its like pointing your dick downwards which is V. uncomfortable. Once at the right angle however the cyberskin was excellent but I no longer use the doll.” —anonymous; E-Mail; February 5, 2002

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    List Price: U.S. $84.99

    U.S. $59.00

    U.S. $68.95 Discreet Online Shopping

    U.S. $67.95 69 Adult Toys

    U.S. $78.95 SafeSexMall

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    This web page is about the CyberChic Sex Doll.

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CyberChic Sex Doll

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